Keep it Clean & Green

In today's modern urban environment, there is a need for the municipal infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly expanding cities and growing population. With this in mind, the Tata Motors range of municipal utility vehicles is technologically up to date and designed keeping in mind value for money and reliability. Our machines assist in waste management and basic urban infrastructure and are easy to maintain and clean.

Water Tanker

Brand : TATA

Model : TATA LPT 1618.

Engine : TATA Diesel.

Power : 177 HP @ 2500 rpm

Capacity : 5883 cc.

Drive : 6x4

LPK 1618 (Garbage Compactor)

Brand : TATA

Model : LPK 1618

Engine : TATA Diesel.

Power : 180 HP@ 2500 rpm.

Capacity : 14 cum