On Time, Every Time

Tata Motors manufactures a range of vehicles for use by Emergency Service providers. We currently turn out 7 ambulance variants, some of which are available with a four wheel drive option for less than perfect road conditions as well as a fully equipped fire truck. All of these vehicles conform to international standards in safety, employ the latest technology, require the least maintenance and will prove to be reliable when it counts.

Fire Fighting Truck

Brand : TATA

Model : TATA LPT 1618.

Engine : TATA Diesel.

Power : 177 HP @ 2500 rpm

Capacity : 5883 cc.

Drive : 6x4

Water tank : 3500 ltrs.

Foam tank : 450 ltrs.

Pump : 2250 lpm at 7.0 kg/cm2 , 1600 lpm at 9.00 kg/cm2

TATA LPT 709 (Mobile Health Clinic)

Brand : TATA

Model : TATA LPT 709

Engine : TATA Diesel

Power : 89 HP@ 2800 rpm.

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