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The hub and spoke structure of road infrastructure today throws up the challenge of providing optimal logistical solutions to transporters. Our wide range of Distribution Vehicles are the solution. The optional load bodies have been designed to carry material from sub 1ton to 49tons gross vehicle weight. The Vehicles are available with options to carry non perishable items as well as perishables which need a special climate. This makes these vehicles popular for carrying Food Grains, Medicine, Meat, Water, Fuel, Milk and numerous other items.

With superior design technology, the range of Distribution trucks result in Superior Operating Economics. The comfortable cabs ensure that the productivity of the driver is not compromised and the ease of maintenance will mean minimum downtime for the vehicle. The various wheelbase options give you the flexibility of mounting the body of your choice.

Refrigeration Van

Brand : TATA

Model : TATA LPT 909 EX2.

Engine : TATA Diesel.

Power : 86 hp @ 2400 rpm.

Capacity : 3783 cc.

Drive : 6x4

TATA LPT 1618 (Trucks.)

Brand : TATA

Model : TATA LPT 1618

Engine : TATA Diesel

Power : 177 HP @ 2500 rpm

Option : Container & Tail Gate Lift.

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Brand : TATA

Model : TATA LPT 613.

Engine : Diesel

Power : 118 HP@ 2800 rpm.

Capacity : 4.5 Ton

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Brand : TATA

Model : ACE HT.

Engine : TATA Diesel.

Power : 15 HP@ 3200 rpm.

Capacity : 0.8 Ton.

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